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ABM Grinding Technologies

ABM Grinding Technology, which began its activities in the woodworking machinery industry in 1965 with the production of grinding machines, is now the company with the most product variety in the metal and woodworking machinery sectors in the world, with the production of grinding machines and welding machines, thanks to its investments and understanding of quality service.
ABM, whose foundations were laid by our founder Saim Keşoğlu in Izmir on a 150m² plot, has been renewing itself for three generations and continues its activities and new technology developments at its 20.000m² facility in ITOB OSB. It is striving hard to become a global organization, with sales offices in the Netherlands, England, India, Macedonia, and Poland, in addition to technical help and after-sales service.


In order to always be the first choice of inquiries, we have to respond to the customer demand by true analyzation of versatile customer demands and by serving the quality product and services in reasonable prices on the right time. Broad vision of ABM defining futures demands in today, has a strategical goal to contribute to world development by true innovation and to become a solution partner with great ideas. Always quality, economy and ease of operation will be considered in machine production and service to meet the customer demands and requirements. A systematic workout is produced In order to fulfill the amount and time of these services.


  • Our presence take a meaning with our customers’ trust.
  • Our goal is perfection.
  • Our aim is continous and dynamic improvement.
  • Our staff are our most powerful investments.