CEO'S Message

Our General Manager

ABM Machinery | Grinding Machines

Our path on grinding technologies production started in 1965, continues applying all modern technologies on our services.

Our founder Saim KESOGLU’s life aim was "to have a perfection than it used to be." This characteristic is the basics of our current goals and successes.

At ABM, we develop our machines, our own motion control systems, application software and produce all mechanics. Finally, we assemble and test the product to global machine standarts. Whichever ABM machine you choose, you will know that is built to meet all market demands.

ABM’s third generation of engineers, have been serving quality and high technologies to lead the ever-changing world of grinding. All ABM team's hardwork, personal determination and business spirit also have contributed to our success so far like a bridge from our earliest colleagues to the current ones. Our successes will guide us for our goals. Not only in local market; our machines are working world-wide with 5 subsidiaries, more than 25 distributors and with own sales team more than 130 different countries.

We are proud of serving our machinery in all continents from Europe to the Americas; Russia to the Australia. Our complete solutions serves to a wide range from start-ups to large industrial facilities based on the daily capacity.

The world always needs better ideas and the "true innovation" that is our driving force is the product of experience and dynamics. On our journey until today, I owe a thank to our both domestical and international partners, also to our dear customers.

The following years, in line with our aims, we will enhance our global competitiveness and the position of ABM in global markets. We will devote our whole experience and energy to carry our group to higher targets, wish you all the best.

ABM Machinery | Grinding Machines